Is Ice Cream OK for my Dog?

With the summer approaching fast and bring in the heat, the local ice cream shop becomes the your favorite hang out. You might be wondering if it’s okay to buy your dog their own scoop.

Ice cream isn’t a healthy snack  for dogs. While the occasional small amount of vanilla ice cream probably won’t send your dog to the vet, ice cream shouldn’t be a regular treat for your dog. Most adult dogs can really handle lactose. This inability to deal with dairy can lead to bloating, gas, diarrhea, and vomiting. In most cases, your dog will probably just be a bit gassy.

Dogs with diabetes or weight issues should stay far away from ice cream. The high levels of sugar in ice cream can be harmful. Ice cream with any sort of artificial sweetener  should also be avoided. You need to be mindful of the flavors. Many flavors of ice cream are potentially dangerous for dogs. Chocolate is dangerous because dogs cannot digest theobromine. Coffee and green tea ice cream are both dangerous due to caffeine levels. Any ice cream with grapes or raisins is potentially dangerous and can cause acute kidney failure at even small doses. Some nuts, like macadamia nuts, are dangerous for dogs.

If you do decide to give your dog ice cream stay with plain vanilla or natural fruit flavored ones. It is always best to feed in small amounts. Better yet consider making homemade ice cream for your pup. All you need are two ripe frozen bananas and a food processor or blender. (In the video we also added  few frozen blueberries.)