Tips to Successfully Bring your Dog to Work

There are many benefits to bringing a pet to work. They can boost morale, relieve stress, build a sense of community and get people out for regular walking breaks. Here are some tips to help you bring your dog to work for Take your Dog to Work Day on June 25th or anyday.

  1. Get Permission – Don’t try to sneak a pet into your workplace, as that could put your job and your pet at risk.
  2. Consider  what is your best for your pet – Make sure your pet enjoys meeting new people, and the other pets that are likely to be at your workplace. If she tends to be anxious in new environments or uncomfortable with unfamiliar people or pets, she might be happier staying at home.
  3. Training matters – make sure your pet can  basic behavior cues like “come,” “sit” and “stay.” Good behavior is key to a good visit anywhere you go.
  4. Plan a bag of supplies for your pet – It should include dog food, treats and bowls for food and water,  a couple toys to help keep them occupied, and a favorite bed or blanket so they can rest comfortably.
  5. Pet proof your workspace – Figure out ahead of time where she should and should not go and check your work space for potential dangers to your pet. For example, heavy equipment, chew / choke hazards and potential pet poisons like cleaners and plants.
  6. Clean up after your pet – Bring cleaning supplies, paper towels and doggie waste bags to help and dispose of waste in designated containers only.