Celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day, Saturday, May 8

In 2018, a new holiday was created, this time for dog mom’s everywhere. National Dog Mom’s Day is now celebrated on the second Saturday of May, the day before Mother’s Day. This year, we are celebrating on May 8, but keep in mind that on year’s where Mother’s Day is on that same date, the doggie mom holiday is on the FIRST Saturday in May.
Being a good mom to a dog is serious business. A survey by rover.com had some amazing facts about female dog owners, including:
  • 50% of dog moms gush over their dog when meeting other people.
  • 62% take dozens of photos of their dog (and we’ve seen them on Instagram, right?)
  • 25% have missed work to be home with a sick dog.
  • 45% refer to their dog as a “fur baby” or “fur kid” and 40% go right to calling the dog their “baby.”
So, be sure to treat yourself to something special that day, if you are a dog mom, or wish someone you love a Happy Dog Mom’s Day. It is a big responsibility, but one that comes with big hugs and kisses from fur babies everywhere. We are at Doggie Cakes, love you, dog moms!