July is National Blueberry Month

blueberriesYou and your dog can both enjoy national blueberry month. Blueberries contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins that can benefit you both.

  • Blueberries can be beneficial to older dogs as studies have shown they may help with cognitive functions.
  • As blueberries are a good source of silicon, it is said they can help aid in the rejuvenation process to a dog’s pancreas.
  • Keep your pup’s heart healthy by feeding them blueberries. Studies have found dogs who eat blueberries  may experience improved cardiovascular health. The fiber, manganese and vitamin K all improve heart function as well as lower stroke risk.
  • Blueberries have been proven to help control dogs’ sugar levels.
  • The anti-cancer properties are also undisputed and part of a healthy diet for active dogs.

Many dogs enjoy eating blueberries right from your hand, or you can put some berries in their dish with their dog food.  You can freeze them, for a freshening cold treat  Berries can be fed in berry form, pureed, or you can add them to a favorite dog cookie recipe.

Let you pup try one or two and enjoy your July!