Jack Russels Need Rescue – North GA and South FL

I’m posting this right from an e-mail that we received from Marilyn Wolf – local dog trainer.

There is a puppy mill in North GA that has a lot of Jack Russells that need rescuing. There is a woman out of Bradenton who is coordinating the rescue efforts

questions@barkparkdogdaycare.com. She has gotten a couple of private pilots who are willing to fly the dogs from GA to St. Pete/Clw airport once a month. The problem is she needs more fosters (or permanent homes). There are everything from puppies to senior dogs. The worst thing is they live outside and you know how bad it has been here. In the Georgia Mtns. it’s been worse. The older dogs are super skittish and need a lot of patience. If anyone can help or knows someone who can, please let me know. THANKS!

Marilyn Wolf, BS, CPDT
Pet Trainer & Behavior Consultant
New Port Richey, FL

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