Dog Edible Gingerbread Dog House – SPCA Suncoast Raffle Item

This dog edible gingerbread dog house will be raffled off with other items for SPCA Suncoast donations on Saturday, December 20, 2008 – as a part of the Pet Photos With Santa Event. Trina Messano, Co-Owner of Doggie Cakes built the house using human grade and dog-safe ingredients.

Ingredients: Ground ginger, whole wheat flour, cinnamon, water, molasses, carob, and yogurt with all natural food dyes.

The roof is composed of Cheddar Chomps – Small, which are cookies that we also bake in the store. The ingredients in those are: Whole wheat flour, cheddar cheese, yeast, low-fat milk.

More photos of the gingerbread dog house