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We want to share our newsletter with you

You may have noticed on our Facebook page we are starting a monthly newsletter. We will be sharing lots of fun and informative tips for the furkids.  We will also be letting you know what pet friendly events are going on around the Tampa Bay Florida area. Let’s not forget where you can find Doggie Cakes’…


Happy 2015!

  Happy 2015, everyone.  Doggie Cakes is working on fun new things for this year.  We want to include you, make sure to check our blog (promise this year we will be writing).  Soon you will be able to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. I (Trina) always like to check out my Chinese horoscope a the beginning of each…


Senior to Senior Program

At the Pawfest event here in Largo, FL we meet a wonderful lady named Fran.  She volunteers with the Pinellas County Animal Services for a program called Senior-to-Senior. Tragically as the shelters  fill  during these years of economic hardship, the number of senior pets has also increased.  They are relinquished due to ill health, incontinence, other age-related issues, lack of funds,…

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