Pet Health


The Rolling Dog Project

One of our favorite Facebook pages is The Rolling Dog Project. Founded by Jerry West in 2010. The Rolling Dog Project’s goal is to provide people who cannot afford a wheelchair for their disabled pets one free of charge.  He started building them after when one of his dogs became paralyzed from cancer.  Mr. West will also help you…


Packing Tips for your Dog’s Summer Road Trip

Taking the furkids on a summer road trip is fun, but need some planning. They need their own stuff when they are on vacation. Lets face it, being prepared will make it more fun for you both.  Here is a list of somethings to bring: Food and Treats – Traveling can be wary on your pets tummy,…


Make Spring Cleaning Pet Safe

Spring is all about making a fresh start. Rituals to clear out the old and make room for the new as winter weather fades away. It’s important to recognize the potential toxic effects household cleaning products may have on our pets. Our cats, dogs and other companion animals live in a shared environment with us…

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